Stefan Bernhard
Stefan Bernhard is a photographer and videographer from New Orleans, Louisiana. He has a focus in real estate photography and drone photography/ videography, with experience shooting typical family homes to multimillion-dollar estates. He understands photos and video's critical role in the home-selling process and always places his client's interests first. 
He delivers consistent, high-end photos using either the flash ambient or High Dynamic Range (HDR) techniques based on client needs and the scope of projects. He is also an avid drone enthusiast and part 107 certified drone pilot,  producing aerial photo collections and cinematic drone videos as an impactful supplement for potential buyers.
Stefan has a solid educational background in arts and music as a concert pianist.  While attending graduate school at the Royal College of Music in London and traveling Europe in 2015- 2016, he developed his aesthetic sensibilities and passion for photography. This ultimately led to his goal to inform and capture viewers' imaginations through his unique style.​​​​​​​
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